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Max catching tiddlersI'm now 58 years old, I have been interested in and I have kept fish from very early childhood. My first attempts at fish keeping were nothing more than keeping a few "tiddlers" caught in a local stream in an old jam jar only to be disappointed the next day to find that they had died during the night. Not wishing to repeat this my next attempt involved using a larger jar which included lots of plants and although still not ideal the fish lasted much longer, several weeks in fact.

Lessons are often learned the hard way in fish keeping and I'm no exception to that rule, but I did learn from my mistakes because only a fool will repeatedly do the same thing and expect a different result.

Over the years I have kept countless species from goldfish to marine butterfly fish, I have bred more fish than I can remember and I've had a spell in the trade when I had my own aquarium shop. I have been a member of several fish clubs and associations. I own just about every fish keeping hobbyists book ever written along with more specialist books on ichthyology, fish health and fish biology. I have written a section in and articles for a leading fish keeping magazine and I am a FishBase collaborator. Most importantly I have used each and everyone of these experiences to learn from and to increase my knowledge.

I don't claim to be an expert because I'm not. A real expert has to under go a formal training course and pass exams on a subject whether it is a simple on day basic course or a PhD, I have no formal training with regard to fish keeping.

Having said that I do have an enormous amount of experience and knowledge about fish and fish keeping and having gained this knowledge I see absolutely no point in keeping it all to myself where it would be wasted so wish to put it to good use by sharing it. This is the main reason behind this site. Hopefully it will allow others to learn from my mistakes and thus avoid having to learn the hard way as I have all to had to do.

While I am interested in all aspects of fish keeping over the years my interest in fish health, husbandry and ethics along with my relatively unrelated interest in fish photography and native marines have grown faster than other aspects of the hobby. More so since the advent of dyed fish, mutilated fish and hybrids. Not to mention the environment and the damage caused by over fishing, releasing unwanted fish in to an alien environment in the wild and generally fish keepers themselves who can't be bothered to learn anything about how to properly keep their fish in good health. All these topics are covered to some degree on Fish, Tanks and Ponds and there is more to come because the site is a work in progress and has been since 2002 when it began as an MSN Group.

Since those early days the site has developed in to its present form - a collection of my own opinions, thoughts and hopes for fish keeping and long may it continue.